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how to get vintage leather smell out...


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i know this is a long shot, but anyone know how to get that nasty vintage leather smell out, i have this wicked jacket from the 60's but i can't wear it cause it fukin stinks, tried fabreeze, airing it out for months..even left it at stereo for hours hoping it would stink like sweat and cigarretes...that didn't work either.

anyone have a proper solution?
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I think it's impossible.
Why would you want that stink out? Is it so bad that it's like burnt tires?

I think old leather smells like sex.
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lucky1 said:
get it proffessionally cleaned.

i have had it dry cleaned twice, costs $40 bucks each time. it didn't do anything!

and it's not that good leather smell, it's a stinky leather smell. Trust me, it fukin stink, even makes the shirt under it stink.

Neatsfoot oil i will try. where can i get this?

i've hear there is a place near keele and 401 where they deozonized (or something) anyone heard of this?