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How to find a beautiful person


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There's a wonderful guy who comes to my house on weekends.

Apparently, he's deaf in one ear and taking heavy psychiatric medications.

I'm not going to do long details, of say, why my house is generally full of guys 15 years younger than me., But they recognized this dude, and for all accounts, tried to be very friendly.

Though you may think otherwise, I'm not actually cool with a room full of 19 year old boys getting themselves fucked up in my abode. I mean, it was a Tuesday after all. Weekends, I may be more forgiving.

One of those teenagers happened to be a dealer, but not of the particular product I would want on any given day.

So, the unfortunate part is that the one I like, and the one who likes me, has stipulations which require him to "leave" or "check in" before 10pm. That really doesn't coagulate with my lifestyle. I offered to pay off his fine but, apparently it doesn't work that way.

I recognize that you, the reader, may not have any affinity for the male form. But this guy has the most gentle red lips, kept hair, and eyes that ask you to bathe. Deep, delicious, eyes that can say much more than I can type.

On an aside here, I'd like to speak further about his skin and his eyes. I'm sure that any reader here who has been in love, or lust, can understand my point. They say that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", but what does that really mean? Is he beautiful merely because I consider him beautiful? I don't think so. He obviously has an intrinsic beauty. Yes, an intrinsic beauty which has struck me hard.

Surely I'm not alone in this nonsense. Surely others are bitten by this love without reason. . What should I do? I don't think it's healthy to continue on doing what I am now...

Please give me advice.

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Boss Hog

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Those times I have been heavily infatuated with someone, I just waited it out, and it always passed.

Most times I'm glad I did.
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