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how to deal with women...


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Michlerish said:
That's because guys are idiots.


Guy does something wrong.
Girl finds out.
Girl says "OMG... YOU did THIS!??!? I can't believe you _______ !!!"
Girl gives guy the silent treatment cause she's pissed but doesn't want to start a fight.
Guy waits a long time.
Guy goes up to girl and says "Is something wrong?"
Girl thinks this dude is an idiot for not remembering what had JUST happened prior to her not talking to him, but realizes that bringing it up would now be starting at square one because dude is so clueless.
Girl says "Ugh. no. I'm fine."
Guy says "Are you mad?"
Girl is thinking WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK?

So basically, guys are just stupid.

guys should be able to read minds and ev is a fuckin fool for dating you.
got it

i will be copying this and posting it in the guys forum for guys to read and avoid pieces of shit like this


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basketballjones said:
there is a doghouse thread

"..ask.."does this make me look fat"
i haven't read all the pages yet, so forgive me if the answer has already been given. The correct answer to this question is: no more than usual.
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Ms. Fit said:
you're kind of on the right track..

in in all seriousness- sometimes men just need to learn how to back down from an argument because i know that for myself and other females i know, we will beat the fuck out of a topic. man, i would really be so appreciative of a guy came back at me with "i don't agree with you, but i'm trying very hard to see where you're coming from.." and/or just takes a timeout before the argument gets too heated.

it would be a lot better than him trying to assert his manly, know-it-all condensation which really clashes with my inability to let go of a topic that i really care about.

but that's just me.
an aquired skill that personally took me several relationships to figure out. interestingly, my wife and i, while having our fair share of disagreements, have never had an all out fight (shouting, name calling, general juvenille behaviour). when tensions run high, bother of us know when to back off, and come back later.


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I love this cartoon:

I want to defend Skipper a little bit but I am afraid of getting my head bitten off too. But I think you guys are really twisting what she is saying. I think her comment is true of both men and women. When someone, male or female, is upset, in the immediate term they need someone to listen and let them vent, or talk it through. Next, AFTER they have gotten it off their chest, they might need someone to help them with solutions but that is a totally separate thing. It's a good point that maybe a person should say so if they just want someone to listen. But nevertheless, it's also good if you can see when it is appropriate to just listen, and when it is appropriate to pipe in.

OK, now off with my head too, I suppose.


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Skipper said:
Perhaps I am alone in not needing a man to solve my every problem for me!
No you're not alone. Chances of changing the way men think are slim to none though - so you gotta go with plan B: vent to someone else who WILL listen. It is ideal to be able to tell your man everything - but shit it causes way more things to vent about in the end and you'll just end up drinking yourself to oblivion. (oh wait...that was me!)


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god forgive us men for even thinking, if that's even at all possible, to use our cro-magnon brains for the purpose of our own independent thought. now let me get my bloody knuckles off my keyboard from the constant floor dragging. wtf ever. being empathetic does not mean changing the way we have to act or think when you're mad as opposed to not mad (literally). rational conversation is just that and any other kind is not really worth having imo.

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gather around, men, for i shal tell you a tale of the date i was on last night.
This is a classic example of how RumRogerz deals with women.

This was our 3rd outing. RumRogerz hasn't been on the dating circuit in many moons, but he still remembers shit tests when he smells them. However, with this case, i simply gave up, hard. Read on, if ye will:

Went out to a restaurant.
She was acting really different. Couldn't figure it out, but i know better than to ask why.
She acted very defensive, and gave out curt and tart answers.
I'm nothing but a gentleman when i take women out, i couldn't for the life of me figure out why the sudden change in her.
The last 2 dates i think she wanted to get busy with me. But i don't do that anymore. If she got me about 4 years ago i would have forgotten her name by now. So, being as coy as i can be, i eased that tension away from her and gave a gentlemanly kiss.
we're eating dinner. Well, I'M eating. She's drinking water and not touching the food.
I'm not that worried. My beer delicious.
Her phone rings.
She answers it.
Not good.
Then, she talks.
And talks.
For over 5 mins.
Then, RumRogerz gets mad. He gets mad because he knows what she's doing. She's being a cunt.
Well, tribe. RumRogerz can be a cunt, too. A gracious cunt, nontheless.
While she's laughing on the phone with whoever, i finish my beer. I have enough time to ask the waitress for a pen and paper, to which i write down:

"I've called you a cab"

I folded it, stood up, looked at her.
Put the piece of paper in front of her, she gave me a cocky smile and continued to talk.
And RumRogerz walked out, to his car.
Sat down,
Pulled the after dinner joint out
Started the car
And put his phone on silent.

Not a gallant way to treat women, but needless to say, it took her 10 mins to eventually call my celly.
I never answered, fuck that.


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trust u me, bro. there is a reason i dont like dating anymore. Its stupid shit like that that turned me off from it.
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RumRogerz said:
trust u me, bro. there is a reason i dont like dating anymore. Its stupid shit like that that turned me off from it.

awesome (your initial post).

she was totally being a cunt too.


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takeith what ye will; RumRogerz has been on so many bad dates before he finally evolved to this. I feel as if i did nothing wrong. Hope she wasn't expecting me to pay, lol.
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Littlest Hobo

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RumRogerz said:
takeith what ye will; RumRogerz has been on so many bad dates before he finally evolved to this. I feel as if i did nothing wrong. Hope she wasn't expecting me to pay, lol.
I was wondering who paid awesome story.


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How to deal?

If you feel the heat coming on, and your about to land in the dog house - STRIKE FIRST, Attempt a preemptive strike!

All else fails stick in your get of jail free card - a copy of the notebook, and even try a "fake cry" at the sappy scenes.

Always start your argument and retort with Baby, and end with Baby. For instance, BUT BABY IT WAS ME BABY! Chicks love this.
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