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How to become a science teacher


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Frankly my current job really sucks.

I just have no interest in it at all. I hate waking up in the morning because I know I have to go to my job. It pays well and does things but it ultimately sucks. Sucks in the fact that I hate it, it gives me no pleasure at all.

Back in 1997 I was working for Hewlett-Packard and designing 802.11b products that used, at the time, "new" USB. Although their wireless products were using a parellel port. Do computers actually still have parellel ports? (the answer is obviously no). One day, I woke up, and realized, "Hey, my job sucks." I also realized simultaneously "Hey, I don't want to go here -- the only reason I go is because they pay me."

I've more or less hated work ever since.

But I thought about it this week, again, a I going to spend my whole life doing a job I hate?

So I took a big dive and I quit my job today.

No more chemicals, no more cars, especially no more japs.

It's a bit frightening, as I do have a mortgage and other considerations, but I figured, unless I take the plunge, I'll be stuck in a cycle of endless dissatisfaction.

So now I have some time and some money.

I really do want to be a highschool science teacher.

I can also teach math, hard math, like tensor calculus. Cosmology.

Teachers out there, what's the market?

Stop Bill C-10

Boss Hog

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My wife's a science (bio) teacher. She left the country with me because no jobs were available to her (too many boomers who won't/can't retire.)

The international school circuit is amazing. Benefits beyond anything teachers in Canada get. Something to think about.

If you're serious, look into "Search Associates."

Wait a second... do you have a criminal record?

Bernnie Federko

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Life imitates Art. Breaking Bad, anyone? Surely there's a few options to succeed in a similar vein, no? What's the market like for a man with knowledge, née a purpose?
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While working at Hewlett-Packard, I had a slightly younger coworker. Our job was to develop 802.11b variant protocols. I considered this work to be absurd.

me> "How many binary numbers do you think we could write on that white board?"
Evan> "Well, it's not a very big white board."
me> "Maybe we can test this empirically."

I got up from my seat and began writing binary numbers. The first such sequence went thusly:


And so on and so forth..

As it was a summer term, our boss went away for a few weeks and asked:

boss> "We need trials of the performance of our new 802.11b product. Can you have some results ready for me in three weeks?"
me> "I suggest we use popular video games over this new wireless network."
boss> "That's a great idea."

So Evan and I, we shared a very large cubicle, played RED ALERT, every day we went to work and we booted up RED ALERT on our hardcore Hewlett-Packard multiprocessor multi displayed hardware. HP-UNIX on one monitor and RED ALERT on the other. Wireless.

me> "Hey Evan, are you noticing any latency?"
me> moving my tanks and setting up a graff generator
Evan> "Seems like it's working fine."
me> "Maybe we should build a lot of infantry, that should generate more traffic."
Evan> "Maybe we should build some engineers!'
me> "Ha, that's a good idea. Then we can kill them."

So while we were playing RED ALERT, "WIRELESSLY", I had an idea.

me> "Hey Evan, what if we wrote a script that would buy on stocks going up?"
Evan> "That's a great idea. It's like a money machine!"

Evan now works at Scotiabank operating the money machine that I invented. I sit here poor and disgruntled.

So then one day I was surfing gay porn and I asked,

Me> "Hey Evan, you want to go to a rave?"

And so we went to a rave and took pills that I and my friend actually manufactured, "monozukuri", and then he comes out of the closet to me.

So now he's rich, gay, not famous, but has a husband who cooks and I couldn't go to his wedding on the Island because I was abroad.

Good sport he is, Merry Christmas.



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Surely there's a few options to succeed in a similar vein, no? What's the market like for a man with knowledge, née a purpose?

There are many options. I don't want those options. Similar vein? I could have stayed at the same job.

Open question to all readers:almost post.



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There are two readers here who helped me piss off the end of the continent.

I don't mean, like, make the continent upset or angry, I mean literally, we urinated off the end of the continent.

The day after we pissed off the end of the continent, the dock we used burned down. I did not alight it.

I recall a time I was stripping in the only gay bar in Santa Barbara. My day job was to make routers for Ericsson. That job sucked so hard that I had to find work taking off my clothes and dancing around. I mean the job sucked that hard.

labrat> "Really? You close this early?"
1:00am California time
me> "Well hey I want a job then."
creepy gay bar owner> "What can you do?"
me> "Give me 15 minutes in your office and I'll show you what I can do."

So I was hired.

But there was this fellow, "James".

For whatever stupid reason, I didn't drink at that time. Probably because I had to drive myself to work and back. But the coffee was free and the lesbian who danced beside me kept bringing me cups. The entire club shut down at 1am, and then some cleaning people came, and then everyone waited around to get paid, which was in cash.

So the other go-go dancer, a lesbian, brought me a coffee and I threw up. And then I started talking to James, the bartender, who was about my age.

We ended up at some after part which actually was quite nice. And James and I ended up sort of hitting on each other for the longest time until he asked a very practical question:

James> "What are we doing here?"
me> "I really don't know."

I wanted to say:

me> "I just pissed off the end of the continent."




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One evening, while preparing to go-go dance, I was upstairs at the only gay club in Santa Barbara. I had to provide my own outfits, which sort of took all the charm out of the pay.

But on the plus side, the outfits were not very expensive as, frankly, they weren't very substantial. We're talking speedos and wrestler outfits, those kind of things.

So there was a barhand, can't quite call him a barkeep, as he wasn't allowed to serve booze. You know, a run around boy to fix and get this and that. So I needed him,

We went upstairs where generally people are not allowed to go.

me> "Jason, I need you to rub this sprinkle oil all over my body."
Jason> "Am I allowed to touch you like that?"
me> "Touch? Rub. It's your job. Make me sparkly."
Jason> "You're a good friend of Greg, right?"
me> "Yap."
Jason> "So, how can I be a go-go dancer?"
me> "You want to be a go-go dancer? Why the hell would you want that?"
Jason> working on the crick of my back making sure I had good sparklage there
Jason> "Well I want to move up in life."
me> "I see. Well before you can be a go-go dancer you must study engineering."
Jason> "What?"
me> "Not just regular engineering. You have to change part way through."
Jason> He rubbed some sparkles particularly close to my junk at this point.. I didn't complain.
me> "A real go-go dancer needs Cosmology, Riemmenian multifold geometry, a bit of quantum mechanics can't hurt either, you know, Heisenberg, the Schroedinger equation."
Jason> "What?"
me> "Well I'm sorry kind sir. If you have no grasp of reality, then there is NO WAY that you can take off your clothes for money."

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