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how to become a moderator, that need for this?


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Google has failed me due to the nature of my inquiry, and there's a lot of people on tribe who have a deep understanding of internet shenanigans and computer whatnots.. so maybe yous can shed some light on this scenario.

I've had a photo blog up for a couple months now... i don't advertise it very much, but it's out there accessible to the world. I recently got some strange comments posted on one of my blog entries (i've since deleted them) and when i started looking into it, it just got weirder.

So one of my postings had 3 comments on it... all the same, authored by "Anonymous":

"Could not find a suitable section so I written here, how to become a moderator for your forum, that need for this?"

All three were exactly the same and posted on 3 consecutive days, the latest one being posted yesterday.

At first i posted my own comment as a reply, but after a little thought and plenty of internet suspicion, i ended up deleting all comments including my own.

To follow up, i posted the full comment in google and ended up with a HUGE pile of hits... all of them comments posted on various sites and ALL of them the EXACT same comment.
Since this returned so many hits just from the comment alone being spammed throughout the intertubes i was screwed to find out if this is some kind of scheme or shenanigan of some kind.

Has anyone seen this comment before? Is there more to it? why is every comment box on the internet spammed with this same exact comment? Is this the dawning of a new nigerian scam of some kind?

Anyone with insight, i'm interested to hear what your take on the matter is.
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my photoblog prolly gets 50-60 spam comments a day - most of them don't even include links, they're just gibberish. Could be part of a larger scale attack to gum up processing on your ISP but really, it could also just be some kid in Montreal or Moscow or somewhere just fucking around showing his friends how he can spam over a million sites in half an hour or something.

There is fairly robust anti-comment spam software out there to protect against this sort of thing (nonsense comments)


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Happens all the time. Get Akismet.

Spam and anti-spam emulates an evolutionary arms race. Complete gibberish is weeded out but comments like the one above sometimes snare site owners. With Akismet (and probably a few more of the smarter anti-spam plugins) whatever algorithms they use to define spam vs "ham" are influenced by site owners fishing legitimate-seeming comments out of the spam file. In WP, for instance, you can see what sort of spam Akismet has collected and declare a false positive. When some of these semi-lucid comments began popping up a lot of crap started to get through... until a week later when site owners everywhere had rejigged the algorithm by identifying this crap as the spam that it is. Anyhow, I can't wait for the day where spam starts talking back (by, for instance, reading out portions of an article and generating much more legitimate-seeming responses). Insert Skynet reference here.