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How to avoid computer malware


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I bought a great laptop in 2001.

Still working for me now. It's been across the world and back.


Several times abroad it got so infected with malware that shit started running painfully slow and I had to debug it with anti-virus stuff, etc.

Finally back here in Canada I said fuck it and just reimaged the hard drive with the original disk.

Oh and then it ran brilliantly. So fast. So I know there's no problem with old hardware or old software, etc.

Ah but the first time, it became infected in no time with some kind of malware and slowed down. I only noticed or cared because youtube videos got choppy.

Then they became so choppy that it was irritating.

So then I reimaged again. Note that I lost all my great pictures in that process but that's a bunch of piss.

This time instead of Chrome i DID Fox and it's working beautifully.

So I guess, yeah Fox. No Chrome, no IE, ....

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i'm not one to advocate getting rid of old things just to replace it with new things.

but i think you should get a new laptop

youtube wasn't even around in 2001!

a $300 laptop will be way better than whatever you have now.

what do you have a 486? lol
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Well wait is 2001 accurate... maybe 2004....?

I Don't know but the thing runs brilliantly fast when it's not clogged down but malware.

And I guess my point is, it's amazingly fast how quickly malware can control your hardware.

What I get this time is "PC Speed Up", it somehow installed itself, for the purposes of your know, speeding up my PC.