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How to Automate repair permissions while Macbook is asleep?


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How to Automate repair permissions while Macbook is asleep?

Is it possible? I tried this but not sure if it will work while my macbook lid is closed.

You can do this with a combination of iCal, AppleScript, and Shell Scripting.

First, open AppleScript Editor (/Applications/Utilities). Paste this in:

tell application "Terminal"
do script "diskutil repairPermissions /"
end tell
Go to File-> Save As. Select a safe but out-of-the way location. Set the File Format menu to Application.

Then, open iCal. Add a new event (call it something like "Auto-Repair Permissions"). Right-click the even and select Get Info.
Set the Repeat menu to something like Every Month (depending on how often you want to repair the permissions).
Under Attachments, click Add File... Navigate to the file you saved from AppleScript Editor.

Now, iCal will automatically (at the interval you selected under Repeat) open the app you created. That app opens Terminal and runs a command which verifies and repairs your permissions. The Terminal window has a progress meter and a list of the changes its made (along with any errors).
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^Agreed. Installing Win10 on this 2012 iMac: Much better use of both time and the imac. (To be clear OSX 10.10.x every version has had big nasty artifacts flashing on the screen. So I decided to try another OS to see if it was hardware.)


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my macbook blows.... its old.... but im hoping this might happen?

i have an even older macbook, 2006. With a super drive that still works. Can i swap the super drive from the old macbook into the new(er) macbook?

If so, im probably to dumb to do it, is there a place in toronto that can do it for cash considerations?


trying to consolidate a bunch of crap into something that might do what i want it to. Which isnt much.... burn the odd cd.