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HOW OLDSCHOOL ARE YOU @ Lab - Sat. March 16


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Whoa what an truly awesome night!!!

Had tons of fun!! Sooo many good people and such a good music, especially robb g's and dmonic's b2b set.

Alas, with a serious lack of jungle in the city and with abundance of amazing breaks , I am becoming more and more converted into the slower and funkier genre...
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Willar X


cosmic, joey


KiFe, JayIsBored, joey


A true b2b set :)


sketchy basement ;)

more pix later...

Willar X

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looks above ;)

oh dear... I look scared or something!!! :D
anyways what a wicked night I had. Lots of
classic tunes being thrown down. Hope that
everyone else enjoyed themselves aswell.

Anyways bedtime for me!!!!


The Electrician

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Alrighty!! Now that was a great party!!! I had a HUGE blast. I really enjoyed playing the current breaks hits... I never have played such a hard set before... I kinda liked it.... uh oh... ;)

All the other sets were fantabulous... Saddler played great, Robb G and Dmonic, played wicked (except for the drunkards who kept bangin in to the table, causing the skipping) but is was still Phat... nice one...

Willar!!! WOoo HOooo Everyone enjoyed the oldschool breaks... I'd say you looked like you really enjoyed your set but I can't, cause i only heard ya from the basement, sounded great man!!... :D

Wicked party, amazing vibe... good people...

See ya...
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im kickin myself.
I wasn't able to go lastnite. Cuz i had no ride..
Post more pics please....
its sounds like everyone had a blast.....
Ol Skool always rocks....!!!!


Willar X

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Originally posted by The Electrician
Willar!!! WOoo HOooo Everyone enjoyed the oldschool breaks... I'd say you looked like you really enjoyed your set but I can't, cause i only heard ya from the basement, sounded great man!!... :D

Wicked party, amazing vibe... good people...

See ya...

yes so I heard on the car ride home :D
basement!!!! haha


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Well I had a fun time... but I'm really sick of the Tribe people.

That's 2 nights I've been out and saw at least 20 people from Tribe...

Had a great time drinking my face off... and getting Joey and Ian drunk along with me. Spent a bunch at the bar, thank god for MasterCard!

It was really nice seeing everyone out, I'm not going to name names, because like I said it was ridiculous the amount of people from Tribe and others.

Here's some pics from the evening...

The B-Day Boy!

Throw'n Down


Nat, Kevin's Back & Sarah Behind

Kev & Sarah

Arghhh!! It's James!

Dan in the mix...

Jordan Tongue in the mix

Jen & Company



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Jo & Svet

Joey & Company

Smile Alex!

And if I got any of your names wrong, or missed someone's... to bad I was a bit intoxicated...



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WHAT A KICKASS NIGHT!!!!! WOW! I had so much fun! :D Wikkid beatz! Lovin' saddler's set! woohoo! I've still been aound long enuff to recognize lotz of the tunes! WIllar went WAY back to the oldskool! Traxx I've never heard, but dayum they were sweet! I was dancing my drunken ass off......and socially wandering about! Wikkid ppl. to the 'T'! Robb and Dan, what a fun set full of energy!!! Nuthing but a purely fun party!! That's what I love/ :D

Nicely done robb! Once again, happy birthday to Pat and joey! I'd say they got fuct up enuff! haha..........

nice seeing EVERYONE out!(AT A BREAKZ PARTY) LORI U KILL ME! :D and nice meeting some new faces, highsteppa, postmod and sugar (too cute for words :)) Nuff' said for now..........

o geez pr0nstar! that pic. is terrible! haha.......o' drunken fun!

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so ya, that was fun!!!
i've said it once, i've said it twice...i'll say it again...damn, breaks parties are fun!!!!
pure drunken laughs last nite!
and i'm old enough to appreciate the old skoolness so i was dancing my ass off!!
dave saddler plus the b2b goodness of robb and dan left me breathless on more than one moment.

never been to the labrynith lounge before....very cool place. too hot but there was always the cool basement to escape to!
drunkeness from start to finish.....thanks to amy and patrick for hosting the preparty/housewarming/birthday party!! however, watching endless amounts fo jackass lead to some little bouts of troublemaking at the bar. *cough*kevin*cough. however, potted plants do get tired and need to have a seat like the rest of us. especialy after attacking girls on the dancefloor!!:D:D and to the random screaming crew...always a pleasure!!

all in all a fun nite. i don't go out much anymore, but i'm glad i dragged my old, tired, broke ass out last nite!

so nice to see so many familiar faces!! damn fun vibe last nite!! and to my number one partner in crime....you're the best baby. thanks for suffering through the breaks!!


The Peej

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Damn Damn Damn!!! I'll say it again Damn!!! I was stuck handing out flyers all night and couldn't make it! GRRRRRRR!!! Oh well if it wasn't for promoting I wouldn't even know about breaks so I can't complain realy... Oh shit yes I can!!! DAMN I WANTED TO GO!!!! Sounds like I missed a great night. Congrats to everyone who put it together I'll be sure to get the night off for the next one!

The Peej

P.S. My friend Jenn lost her jacket... It's a black Helly Hansen with a white stripe... also her wallet and cellphone... thanks


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That was fun......

Although I wish that picture of me + joey didn't exist, oh god I'm sweaty + drunk.....

But I had a great time, danced more than I have in ages.

All in all a great night.


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Absolute drunken fun!!!!!!!!!!:D
So great spending all that time socializing and drinking!
cheers to the Liquid Cocaine crew!
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Haha... oh boy

Umm.. I had an AWESOME night..
Sorry.. I wasn't really paying any attention to the music or anyones set.. but Im more than positive everyones set rocked..
Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

WILLAR :eek: I hate you.. haha
ya.. awesome set dood.. da beats were poundin in da basemint.. it was DEFINALY da place to be.. haha for me anyways


Drunkin fun indeed.

Joey.. hope you had a fucking kick ass birthday man :D

Don DaDa

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Im not much of a breaks head, but I love Old School. That party was pretty hype, I just wish I was more awake to enjoy it. I gotta say that Willar played the best set of the night, possibly cuz it sounded more along the lines of Jungle/hardcore. Dope shit indeed.

One thing for sure, is that break's girls are pretty damn hot. Especially the girl in the red that nearly knocked the fake tree on top of me!


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I have tons of pix!! Everyone whose pic i took - email me at kid_a_1981@yahoo.<NOSPAM>com and i'll send it to you.
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okay first of all, i can't remember there being any music there really...
did I dance at all? :confused: whon whon!

tooooooooooooooo many tribers buying me birthday drinks (not that I'm complaining..)

ya, birthday drunkeness was at the max, so i cant remember much...
so icq me some stories...

peanut butter

TRIBE Member

me on the floor numerous times

Joey (wicked to meet you) shoulda been on the floor from the look of ya. ha

more later when the post drunken type/speech impediment leaves

patrick B


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Originally posted by Don DaDa

One thing for sure, is that break's girls are pretty damn hot. Especially the girl in the red that nearly knocked the fake tree on top of me!

OMG!!!!! bwahahaha! *blush attack* that was me! hahaha......im sorry, but i do have to admit it was quite funny! :D Then the dude that works there helped me out! haha.....apparently i was too under the influence to make a tree stand up properly! :D



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so many people there that i dont see often. too many to name, but i'll try to name a few just so that everyone feels special having their names on the board. i'll also put a little star besides those people who were drunk so that you can alert yourself to the fact that i was there and you can spend the next 5 minutes trying to remember running into me.

sarah, kevin, kenny*, svet, joanna, jen***, matt, wes, willar, natalie, andrea, nada, katie, lori****, joey*******, jay*, patrick, amy, alex, angus, danielle, and a few more that i forget.

reading this above list may give you the impression i'm cool, but don't be fooled, i'm a loser.

... as far as the night was concerned, it was alright. it was nice to see a lot of people that i don't often see which was great. i was pretty tired, so i was not lively enough to enjoy myself, and i didn't even get there until about 1:30 when i was almost asleep. the guy half asleep standing up is not the guy to turn to for a review. from what i did see it looked pretty good though. nice people, nice tunes and the place was a good size, although it did get really hot; i blame all those people who dance!! i mean, what's that all about?!

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