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how often do you 'tune out'


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Rude1_247 said:
Eventually I learned how to channel my OOCE (Out of Conversation Experiences) such that I could take a mental fly-over of Europe during particularily heated discussions or play tag with dolphins in the mediterranean during our weekly recap of the "why don't I have a ring yet" debate.

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I have an ex-girlfriend that used to talk ALL the time when we were together. You know, worthless detailed converstaion about all her busy work she did that specific day, errands, crap about her girlfriend's love life, people at her work, etc. Most of the time, it was a one way converstion - her just yapping to yap without even caring about any of my input.

Anyway, when we were on the phone and she started doing this, it got to a point where I couldn't take it anymore, so I would put the phone down for 5 or 10 minutes and go and do something else. I did this several times over our relationship, and only one time did she actually stop talking long enough to figure out that I wasn't there. Of course, I just told her we got cut off and my phone wasn't working. She was hot but there was no doubt this expedited the end of our relationship. She had nice tits though.

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I try hard to tune out the radio at work but something about highly repetative commercial crap gets under my skin the more I hear it. I really wish I had the power to tune that shit out.
As for people I pretty much only tune out my sister with her constant dilemas.
Girlfriend occassionally but not intentionally, like when I'm either drunk, high or hungover.


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i was reading this thread yesterday and wasn't going to post anything...but then i met up with my boyfriend to celebrate my birthday and i caught myself tuning him out. I would have to say that i do tune my boyfriend out but only on conversations that are taking way to long for him to explain, i usually have to tune out for the parts that dont really have much to do with the point :)


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I try not to keep the company of people I have to regularly tune out...if I find myself tuning out often, I won't be hanging around that person very much or very long at all. Guess I've been lucky with school/work related people that I have to listen to though...most have been cool.... anyway I generally like to listen and ask questions more than talk :)
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the greatest gift you can give someone is your presence, but sometimes they don't deserve it.


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if someone is speaking another language with someone else right in front of me. I completely tune out.

Other than that, I have tuned out many times, but never been caught.


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I am really bad for this actually. With alot of peoeple i tune out for about 20-30 percent of thier conversation. With my coworkers i usually tune out about 90 percent of the time. I listen for the key points but then start thinking about things i am going to do on the weekend or puppies or whatever.

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My ex tells me she is doing this so much lately it's starting to scare her, and she tunes out everyone everywhere!
At least thats's what I caught...:D


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The person I tune out the most is my brother. At least 50% of the time he is talking about (in great detail) a new episode of South Park or a new comic book he bought. I KNOW my eyes totally glaze over when he starts explaining these things....