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How much Mileage does your vehicle have?

The Watcher

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GrumbleGirl mentioned it in another thread.

Just wonderin?

Mine, 2000 Ford Focus Zx3,.... 150,138kms right now.

Motor runs great! but needs some little repairs....

Ignition tumblers, Dash Backlight and Passenger door handle is fuxored.
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About 296,000. 1989 Mazda Miata (1990 model year)

It runs well. Always starts. Takes a beating both when I take it racing and just driving around town on some of the roads here in Montreal.

It's had a hard life while I've owned it, but I've given back to it in terms of effort and expense.

It's old and tired now, but it will be around for a while.

I'm about to sell it to a guy who's going to put a roll-cage in it and use it for a track car.
My first car (a 1980 toyota) had 350K+ on it (can't recall, but it may have been 380). I gave it up in 1996/97 and it was still running perfectly (with a couple o' rad leak problems).

My current car (a 1996 toyota) has 250K and though it burns/leaks through a completely full engine of oil every 2K, it still passes drivesafe with FLYING colours (go figure). Jean-Luc (Paseo) still has a good 80-100K left in 'im.
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my piece of crap, aptly named 'prudence' by my ex on a trip thru quebec, cuz she doesn't do anything quickly, is currently sitting at 200,010 kms. just flipped over to 2 this morning on my way to work.

she's a 1992 hyundai. which means she is long past her 'best before' date, and is in the unenviable position of slowly breaking in half.

but she starts. every fucking day. :)


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18,000 or so. My last car was close to 250,000 or so before it died on the side of the 407.
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the '89 sportster has unknown mileage, as i pulled the speedo off in mebbe '95 to make the bike look tougher.
the top-end was redone in '02, so the engine should have another 60 before a re-build.
i think mileage would be around 60k?

the new '78 yamaha xs650 has 34k, but she has her quirks.
today the shifter started acting up, and i am suspicious of those clattering tappets..
she always sounds terminal, but you have to be somewhat more forgiving to a 28 year old bike.
and she is still so ugly, and that speedo is not going to be there much longer.


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223,000 on my 95 Golf. Has an oil leak but runs relatively smoothly. The car is rotting slowly from all the rust and won't last much longer though, but I'm getting a new car in August. Yeah!
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2004 Litespeed Siena ~6000kms Working on getting that higher :)

2002 Saab 9-5 Aero wagon ~112000kms. I’ve never had a car for 4 years and still liked it just as much as the day I bought it in my life before!

Ditto Much

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78 Fiat x1/9 - 110,000 (storage)
89 VW Gold Cabriolet - 575,000 (storage)
93 Mazda Mx-6 - 225,000 (in regular use)

Its rare for a car that I maintain to last under 300,000. So far the only one that missed its mark was a Saturn SL2 which had its transmission and engine both die well before the 200,000 mark.


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306,000km Honda Civic '99

I win. Actually I don't win. The catalytic converter is finally done. :/
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scott said:
My roommate's '97 or '98 2.8 A4 has close to 300K on it. Transmission is totally fucked but it still drives.

LUUUV that car.... haven't been able to bring myself to sell it. Here's a pic from about two years back - 1990 Coupe Quattro.

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