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how much do you believe in astrology?


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More and more I'm finding that a lot of people fit right into the characteristics and personality traits of their signs.
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It's simple psychology that people will exaggerate the claims that are right, and ignore the ones that are wrong.

Besides, astrology is all based on putting things in terms that sound specific, but are actually general.

Pure, 100%, unadulterated bullshit.


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i don't believe an ounce of it.

I just find it's another one of those 'wacky' religions you hear so much about.

I also find that alot of the astrological mumbojumbo would pretty much suit anyone, since the character traits per 'sign' are so very vague and generalized.

edit: errr what timo said :)


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i never used to believe in astrology until i met my friend dave. he is very into the whole thing, and actually does readings and such. when we first met, he told me that he knew right away that i was an aquarius. at first i thought that he was just guessing, but then he asked me for my birthday, the time i was born at, and the city i was born in. with that info he was able to put together an exact calculation of where the stars where (aligned) at the moment that i came into the world. he explained to me that just as the position of the moon has a certain effect on our planet (changing tides, etc), so do the positions of the stars affect our bodies. if you think about it, our bodies are composed largely of fluids. perhaps at the moment you were born, certain energies caused certain changes within your body that helped to shape who you would become as a person.

when he read my chart i was amazed by how bang on he was in terms of reading my personality. this was all after i had only know him for one week so it would have been impossible for him to make calculated guesses and so on.

just my thoughts...

shouts from the south,

james e
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just the notion that every person born in a certain month has the same character traits is ridiculous.

although, this is a simplistic way of looking at astrology, it goes much further than daily horoscopes.


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Originally posted by mingster
just the notion that every person born in a certain month has the same character traits is ridiculous.

A lot of my friends are textbooks cases.

I pretty much fit into every characteristic for Sagittarius'.


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While I don't deny that being born during different times of the year (being born during summer vs. being born in the winter) may have some effects on personality, I don't believe you can typify a person using a small span of time, with exact dates ascribed to them. I think that’s silly.
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If the horoscope in The Metro fortell bad things for the day, I turn around and go home immediately.

I then proceed to light incense and chant.
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i love astrology. i drive people at work with horoscopes, zodiac signs and jazz like that. i find a lot of it to be true. especially with the other signs i get along with, and who i don't.


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I dont believe pop culture astrology is substantial at all.

However, there are other aspects of astrology, such as the aforementioned time-day-year positioning, that are intriguing. They do seem to be very specific and the amount of variables is limitless. It ties fairly well into the concept of twins as well.

Who knows? There are so many variables left mysterious when it comes to the composition of the cosmos. Maybe it has to do with neutrinos? or some other unstudied sub atomic particle altered by the gravity wells of the solar system.

Im willing to keep an open mind.


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People do these wacky calculations based on when someone was born, but I don't quite understand:

1) Is it when the baby's head comes out the vagina?

2) What happens if it was a Caesarian section?

3) What about time zones? Newfie time is a half hour fucked-- what about that? What if the clock in the delivery room was off? What if it was the same day that daylight savings time started, and if was exactly at the time that the clock gets changed?

4) What about breach births?

5) Is the placenta involved? Shouldn't the afterbirth be used somehow in the calculation? How about the umbilical cord?

6) What about the effect of the Van Allen belt, and sunspots? These are trillions of times stronger than any starlight or whatnot?

7) What about test tube babies?

8) How stupid do you have to be to believe this shit?


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i read them for the amusement but i dont think that there is any real credit to them.

if people choose to believe them thats their perogative. Everyone needs some sort of belief system, a way to explain things they themselves dont really understand. Ie. why didnt my last relationship workout, oh its cuz he was a genimi and we werent compatible. Its a modern day religion of sorts.

Temper Tantrum

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I believe strongly in astrology....but i find it's a mix of having too know your rising, moon and sun signs. Often the reason people see certain characteristics that dont suit them in their 'main' sign is because of the cross of the other signs.
When you find out your three signs and compare them you'd be amazed at how accurate they can be

jesux is really up on the topic.

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