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How many times have you lost a number?

BAd Luck

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How many times have you lost a number of the women of your dreams, or man of your dreams or turtle, stone, stick...whatever spins your crankcase.
Just listening to some old toons and remembered soom of the best girls I've
ever met at party's and clubs that had crossovers into other places and
ALLWAYS lost their fucking phone number.
Best case excample, the girl I met at Horeshoe Tavern at a Reverand Hortan Heat show, realizing after awile she was the girl living in my apartment at young and stclair wearing a cut off Slayer T-shirt and tiny jean shorts I was
eyeing up in the elevator.FAIL.
Same for a serbian coworker who I ran into at a Stacy Pullen gig...
she did not dress like that at work! Plans made, number lost.
tell me your fails.
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BAd Luck

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There are no balls in this thread.
119 veiws with no comments?
Thought of a nother one. Bartender who connected well with me. About to move to NorthBay with a Fiance.
I asked her straight up if she could deal with a pornography and bass fishing addict.
She said she loved the whole idea. Lost number.
And you all 119 still love teh cock.


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i dont have a cell so girls got to write their info out for me: on back of receips, mtaches, etc... you have no idea... to tell you the truth... i have no idea how many girls digits i have lost over the years... depressing, isn't it...

in fact the girl i am checkng now wrote her digits out for me... i lost it for like 2months... and i found it one day and decided to hit her up out of the blue after i randomly found that peice of paper... ch33se
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BAd Luck

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You clearly have never gotten a girls number. If that is supposed to be a burn on me,

now post something releavent to losses or go eat a cock.

BAd Luck

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You know me better than that...
so it must be directed to Dj.Bloke.
Imma gad! Dj Broak's cell is full of numbers! Someone calll someone!
Stick to the plot line dumbass, which did you lose, and regret.
If that is too complicated...you know the rest.
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Boss Hog

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if it's such a problem for you to keep a piece of paper, maybe you should just take them home that night.

BAd Luck

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yah, that is the point of the tread. IS FAILURES!
Not the times you went home at night, you are an intellegent man, and handy with
the lady's, so I gather. Sure I go home at night, how 'bout the fish you lost?
Wanted as a keeper. A sure fuck up?
Or otherwise your perfect, and never, ever, lost a girl who you would marry in a New York second. It has happened, now share.

The Kid

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All right you pussies... I'll bite. Went to a tech-house gig back in the day, friends dragged me out, don't remember the promoters, dj's or venue... but it was sponsored by Smirnoff (the beginning of the end) and I ended up smoking a doob with one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen. Gave me her number, I bounced not long after to enjoy the rest of my night. The next morning pulled the slip of paper out of my jeans and the ink had bled so I couldn't read the number.

Bummer, dude. Bummer.

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