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How many Saddam threads do we need?


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So far I've counted 2 threads in here and 1 in the Politics room about Saddam's capture. That's 3 as far as I can find. (did I miss any?)
So now I'm gonna' start #4, and I'll begin with a condensed version of the other threads, here goes:

Saddam Hussein has been captured! Oh fuck, 4 more years for Bush! When are they gonna' find Osama? What's the deal with Bennifer? Did Jessica Lynch have anything to do with this? Hey he looks like Rupert from Survivor(or Pavoratti, Santa Claus, Jesus, a caveman). Can't wait 'til they check for pubic lice.

Did I forget anything?

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Oh yeah, and then there's:

Bush is worse than Saddam.

No way, Saddam is worse than Bush.

Fuck you, Bush is way worse.

Are you nuts, Bush is the worst!!

Are you fuct!! Saddam is the worst.

Screw yourself!!!

Blow it out your ass!!!!

originally posted by Rodney King
Can't we all just get along?