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How long do you wait to add a client to LinkedIn?


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I started a new job a few weeks ago and I've met most of the clients I'll be dealing with but I haven't added them to LinkedIn yet.

I've added most of the colleagues i deal with regularly but not the client. I don't know what the etiquette is? Do I wait until my probation is up? Do I do it immediately?

What do you guys do?

stew :)
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I add colleagues immediately. When i was freelancing i added clients quite early too, sometimes even before the gig as a sort of resume-replacement (i have also done this for potential employers where i turned the job down but still "clicked" in the interview). In companies where i don't have a lot of direct customer contact i tend to only add them if we have had a lot of support calls or an on-site visit. This seems okay in the development world, i'm not sure if it is different in support or consulting. Either way i would definitely do it before the endgame, otherwise you give the impression you are collecting contacts to prepare for quitting.


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LinkedIN is the new business card. If you would hand out a business card you can add to LinkedIN. Unless you're a recruiter, then you can piss off.


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I got my current gig through Linked In via a recruiter lol

It allows me to keep my incorporated status despite me only having one client. Alberta rules are funny like that.


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I'm conflicted about LinkedIN. To be a member of LinedIn you really have to put a lot of personal infromation, public.

Where you work, where you live, what you do, etc. These are very personal details.

For me, it became a harassment arrangement. Weirdos calling me at all times of the day, not asking me about a job, but asking me about my BF, threatening to call my HR, which they did do and which caused consternation.

In a positive way, I was able to hunt down a buddy who designed hearing aids in the KW area. Apparently this is a burgeoning economy. That was nice for the both of us, he moved back to Sweden, but should such a thing be so available?

So I deleted my LinkedIN account. Nobody should know my business.



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Colleagues and industry related people I'm usually pretty quick with but if it's a client I'm still never sure. I'm going to bite the bullet this time and add them before my 3mo probation.

stew :)