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How long do you have to live...


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sweet.. currently I'm going to live to be 90, but if I start sharing needles 'VERY OFTEN' instead of 'not injecting drugs/I say no to drugs', then I'll live to be 89. seems like a pretty small sacrifice there for a lot of fun. plus if i take multivitamins, then it offsets that year. super.
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it said i will live to 91, 100 if i change environ..i just looked at the numbers.

time for bed

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organik's going through his live your life to the fullest stage again :p:D!!! haha

these things freak me out!
I don't want to know when I'm going to go.
even though its crap I still don't want a date insinuating my departure looking back at me :eek:

and LOL @ junglisthead... what a pleasant thing to have ticking away in front of you


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Originally posted by deep
2 secon

OH! OH! Can I give deep's eugoogoly?


Better let me or I'll bust Magnum out on your ass.




This has been a Blue Steel warning, if that had been Magnum, you'd be paralysed right now.


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Your average life span is: 83 Years Old

By modifying your Health, Lifestyle, Diet and Environment you can live to be: 98 Years Old

You were born on Thursday, August 15, 1974. You have lived 10,101 days and have 20,121 days left to live. Lets make them count

You should die on Sunday May 13, 2057 at 1:09:03 PM.


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death, death, death

Anyways, how sad would it be if like this 90 year old dude punched in all his shit and it said he would only have like a day to live. Damn, sucks to be old. :(
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