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How long are you going to live?

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by erika, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

    If someone already posted something like this, my apologies.
    Someone was telling me about death date calculators; I looked those up and most seemed to be much too basic (height/weight, gender, smoker, age).

    Then I found this one, which has a more in-depth questionnaire:
    Living To 100 Life Expectancy Calculator

    According to it, I'm going to live to be 94... man that's old!
  2. JamesM

    JamesM TRIBE Member

    pretty heavy shit, considering i'm gunna drink a shitload of beer! hahaha

    st patricks day!
  3. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

    I'm probably more open to it given that I'm sick as a dog right now :(
  4. JamesM

    JamesM TRIBE Member

    makes sense.
  5. Dirty Girl

    Dirty Girl TRIBE Member

    I imagine I will live to be old and decrepid and needing someone wipe my ass for me, because god hates me.
  6. JamesM

    JamesM TRIBE Member

    that's utterly depressing.

    but they'res nothing wrong with adult depends.
  7. assassaint

    assassaint TRIBE Member

    68. excellent !!!!
  8. assassaint

    assassaint TRIBE Member

    at first sign of a need for somebody to do things for me, im taking an early exit!
  9. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

  10. Dirty Girl

    Dirty Girl TRIBE Member

    ^wow youre almost dead already. might as well pour yourself a drink and blow a few lines!

    edit: that was for assasaints 68.
  11. JamesM

    JamesM TRIBE Member

    serious you're 68? cool beans.
  12. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

    YOU must be already deep into the beer :p
  13. Dirty Girl

    Dirty Girl TRIBE Member

    no goofball, he's gonna die when he's 68.

    james is gonna be dead by morning at the rate hes going !! lol
  14. JamesM

    JamesM TRIBE Member

    I am.. I am.. did I miss the joke then?
  15. JamesM

    JamesM TRIBE Member

    silly people, i'm going to die when i'm 69 then. (naaaat!)
  16. JamesM

    JamesM TRIBE Member

    I thought you were actually 68 years old. That means you are already dead. I'm talking to a ghost.

    Okay.. why 68. It seems very specific.
  17. solacevip

    solacevip TRIBE Promoter

    Ninety fucking TWO!
  18. depraved

    depraved TRIBE Member

    Maybe I should start saving for what may be a long retirement.
  19. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

    Do the questionnaire already - then you'll know!
  20. NemIsis

    NemIsis TRIBE Member

    93??! I was damn honest too about everything.

    Wait, smoking a pack of cigs a day and I'm still living until 93? This is not helping my need to quite people.
  21. NemIsis

    NemIsis TRIBE Member

    er quit.

    It's my grandmother who lived until she was 103 that is to blame. Come to think of it, she quit a pack-a-day habit too (at 75). I'll see you all in the depends aisle.
  22. ian

    ian TRIBE Member

    78 for me. That's not too bad for a man with my previous habits!
  23. SubMissioN

    SubMissioN TRIBE Member

    I don't need that shit I'm gonna live forever. Why cause I choose too.
  24. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

  25. nik

    nik TRIBE Member

    99 bitch, I'm gonna rule as a geriatric

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