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How is this for an upgrade?


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I haven't upgraded my computer in a looong time, so I've been out of the hardware loop. Here is what I'm thinking.

AMD Athlon64 S939 3700+ (400) 1MB

Asus A8V K8T800 PRO S939 AGP (D-C DDR400)

DDR Corsair 1GB (2*512) 400fsb Cas2.5 TWINX VALUE

I'm thinking with this motherboard I can use my existing AGP video card and my IDE harddrives. I don't play games or do anything that required a fancy video card, I'm just looking for a CPU upgrade so I can run more audio plugins.

Is this an advisable thing to do or should I go with a full up grade, PCI-E, SATA, DDR2 higher fsb?

Anybody have any experience with this MB?
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if you don't care about games.. go with the AGP card, even if you change your mind, there are still some excellent video cards with AGP. I just got an ATI x1300 Pro (AGP) and it's awsome.

Keep your IDE drives, no sence in getting rid of those, besides, there is SATA on that motherboard, so down the road you could just add a SATA drive.


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Yeah, you're right about the SATA, I never thought about that.

What about the RAM is DDR at 400 ok?


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I did pretty much the same a while back. Had my AGP video card and didn't want to upgrade to PCI-E, so I bought a mobo that supported AGP, and kept my old IDE HDD as a data drive, and added a new SATA HDD as my boot drive.

The rest looks good to me. Don't think you can get a higher FSB than 1GB can you? How many mem slots does it have? Just wondering if you'll be able to add more RAM if you need it later.

As far as reviews go, the board was the editors choice during a review from July /04.: http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=1617


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those are fine parts ... just keep in mind that you're buying old but sufficiently fast technology

i have a slightly slower system (3200+, 512mb) and i have no reason to upgrade for awhile (other than ram ... i want a gig)
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