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How is this for a start? Tribe Track effort!


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After getting sick of the old track I was working on.. I've put it on the back burner. Yesterday I started on this one.. and I'm pretty stoked about it. I'm making it using sonic foundry acid pro. So therefore; anyone with knowledge on this software please let me know.. I want to do a tribe magazine community effort on this one.. If anyone is up for it.. lets do it!!!!!!!

If anyone wants to help out, play this game with me.. please post.. and I'll post the ACID file so that you all can work on it.

If this idea kicks off, we'll come up with more ideas and have some fun with it.


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much better than the last track
but i dont think i like how the beat is the first thing you hear, maybe if it started with some of those ambience noises that are fluttering around first and then had a hi-hat moving into the beat the intor would sound more polished.

do i make sense?

you did your last one on acid too didnt you?



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Yeah I did... I like acid.. no real big beefs with it at the moment... besides I'm too lazy to learn cubase or fruityloops and pro tools if it's for PC. I'll try your Idea by the way... I usually make my tracks with beats in the start and end.. it makes it more DJ friendly to get into it and blend out for me. If I mix my own tracks when I play I find it sounds better for me to have those beats... ah shit now I'm rambling.

Kid Epic

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Hey JayBrain!

great idea! good start so far! can you post your samples? i'll give it a try and see what i can come up with?

Super Kid!
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if anyone cares, i make music too.

icq me in the next 30 minutes and i'll send you some.