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How good is Fez on a tuesday night, really now

Big Cheese

TRIBE Member
didn't see this one comming

WOW what a great night

ended up going out to fez tonight to see my buddies roomate spin a show + needed to let off some steam

"dem dancehall riddems" is what they said i'd expect to hear

hot-dog i had a blast :D

and it's not just the booze talking here
(vinder would think otherwise)

but throw some exchange students from Bermuda behind the 1's n' 2's and on the mic spittin lyrics

(Yay MAC and Smokey)

alotta heineken and goslings rum

alotta cute girls (fuck do they all go out on tuesdays)

alotta locals who show alotta love and a good mix of peeps

alotta good times

i highly recomend this night to anyone looking for a good time or for a couple of drinks on a tuesday night

any other nights downtown that play dancehall/reggae that i ought to know about?

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Ha ha thats so funny though because my friend up here from Bermuda going to school. Had told me she was going there tonight for a friends birthday, I just assumed some of her other friend from Bermuda went with her.

Which begs the question, on Island so scarsly populated, not to mention warm why the hell are they all flooding Toronto?
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why not

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haven't been to that night since the summer when the resinators were playing each week.
glad to hear it's still doing well.

if you're feeling the roots reggae vibe i recommend superheavyREGGAE this Saturday at 56 Kensington, as well as Dub Splash at the Bambu (also this Saturday) which features Mikey Dread with the Scientist at the controls.

also, on friday, the resinators are playing on the top floor of the el mocambo.

sweet, sweet reggae music.

Destro Sanchez

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thanks for pointing out that the scientist is coming to town ben!!

i nearly shit myself on the subway to work this morning when I read that the Scientist is coming to town.

now this is one show I do NOT want to miss.


edit- (can I repeat myself even more, jacob two two)


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Originally posted by Big Cheese
the education

less expensive up here and equal to, if not better then down south

find that hard to believe with international student fees etc..

Big Cheese

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Originally posted by swilly
find that hard to believe with international student fees etc..

yes you can believe if you want, american international student fees are greater then canadian international student fees