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how good are you at tetris?

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after buying a gameboy for the commute to mississauga, i have just re-discovered tetris after a long time away. i have a long way to go before becoming a tetris master.
the record is 180 lines.
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I'm not that good at Tetris but I really think its just a matter of practice (and on a computer, how fast/slow your computer is).

Dr.Mario was always more my game.


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marcinm said:
My friend Aga is probably the best tetris player I've ever seen.

Apparently she got to 243 lines, at which point the tetris pieces were not even moving, just flying straight down.
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miss xylene

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i love the rocketships when you get a high enough score.... even though there are only three sizes. i usually go by score not by lines. i know that my highest was around 389,000.

yay rocketships!


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GB Tetris record == ~190 lines

After level 13-14, their drop speed remains constant.

I got the space shuttle. :) Is there anything beyond the shuttle?

glych t.anomaly

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yeh the space shuttle that fat white one is the last one you get, no idea what my high score is but i think its in the 400 000 point range, i live for the TETRIS sound

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Dr Funk MD

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You can't really see it that well but that's me and a friend playing Tetris on the Jumbotron at the Skydome.


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a lot

original gameboy

lines: 210
points: 398,000

points is way more fun though. i started that high score on level 9 and scored16 testris's in a row...

level 21 is so fast though


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how good am I? Better than you.

Once I played such a good game that the score started going into the negative and counting backwards.

Beat that nerdilinger.
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