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How does a trip hop party go?


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zero 7 at the Opera House
Sunday, April 21, 2002 8:00PM

I'm wondering, would it be a mixed set or song by song?
zero 7's songs only or not? How does a trip hop show/party go anyway?

got klu?


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just got this from their website...

This Summer Zero 7 played at some of the biggest festivals across Europe including a headline London gig which sold out 4 weeks upfront. Sia's distinctively seductive vocals, Sophie's sultry, sexy sound and Mozez' deep, velvety tone come together to offer you a stunning combination of vocal talent which crosses over perfectly to the stage. For the live shows Sam and Henry got together with musicians who played on the album and friends to build a group of mostly 11 and sometimes up to 20 members on stage at one time to sell out audiences. For a live downtempo band they create an amazingly electric atmosphere and received standing ovations at every gig.

hope they play their climbing up the walls radiohead remix
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they would probably play their own music ...

they do have a full cd out [simple things]

and it's very good

feisty boy

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verrrrry interesting.
i'd be totally into checking this out.... but i'll be in new york. alas

i listened to a 'blueroom' mix of theirs recently though - it was all over the map... who knows what they'll do