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How do you work out your bum?


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i found the treadmill was the best for trimming and tightening my entire lower body.

biking is alright, but not as good.


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I like the treadmill too, haven't worked out all summer but I think now is the time. My butt is sore today from doing a ton of walking yesterday, a lot of it uphill while carrying heavy shit.
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cycling is the best thing evar for yer butt,, there are also pilates movements that target deep butt muscles (note the technical terminology) which you can modify to work even harder using a flexband: the clam! the elevated clam! the side clam using a flexband.


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When I was in physio. The guy said for butt and thighs lay on your stomache, put some weights in a bag (Or get the kind that wrap around your ankles) and keeping your leg straight lift it straight up. Then do the same laying on both sides and your back.

Worth a try.
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