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How do you stream internet radio to your PS3?


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It used to work with PS3 media server: PS3 Media Server • Index page

But I cant figure it out now. I want to listen to the stations from digitally imported: Digitally Imported - addictive electronic music

I also have nullriver media link installed: Nullriver Software : Products : MediaLink

It runs most things itunes nicely over to the ps3.

I want to be able to listen to internet radio through the ps3, as my main speaker / receiver set up is connected to it.

What congifuation do you have going?
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The Peej

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XBox user here:

I can add internet radio stations to iTunes as though they are playlists. Then I use my media server (connect 360) to push all of my playlists to the XBox. The radio station will then play over the 360.

Hope that gives you some idea as to how to get it working! technics1200


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thanks for the tip, i tried it with the old ps3 with no luck. I can get the station to the playlist. But when i use media link or ps3 media server, it shows the playlist empty. Sucks balls. These nice machines and they dumb them down. Any other ideas out there?