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How do you start your day?


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Me? I cannot function without a breakfast, everyday I have to eat it, its must, From few pieces of toast with PBJ, bowl of oatmeal, and a large protein shake is the only way I can start my day.
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I must eat breakfast everyday too...
I dont function at all without it, add to the breakfast COFFEE!


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Pizza. Lasagna. Dim sum.
I'm usually eating something hot and comforting.

And Chinese tea.


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Smoke and a coffee listening to The Current. I know it's disgusting, but so am I.

I will eventually eat a banana or yogurt around 11 am.
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The Watcher

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Alarm goes off @ 9.00am
Out of bed @ 9.03am
Into Shower @ 9.04am
Get dressed @ 9:14am
Out door @ 9:30am
Drive to Timmies @ 9:38am
Drive to Work while eating Bagel @ 9:45am
Get to work, Drink Coffee @ 10.00am


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i start my day by hitting the snooze button incesantly for an hour.

then i get up in a fog. i have breakfast when i get in to work. almost always instant oatmeal.

on the weekends i start my day by sleeping through most of it. when i wake up the first thing i do is turn on my computer, then go pee while it loads up. weekends are for big brekky like bacon and eggs. yum!


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Lately I have been drinking a hot chocolate and eating a banana.

The hot chocolate is a substitute for coffee because I was starting to worry about my caffeine intake.


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I start my day with a good breakfast, as in breakfast television.

Informative with a touch of fun, watching Kevin and the gang each and every morning gives me reason to get out of bed each day.

Who knew that morning news could be so special?
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Quick bump and 2 shots of Jag usually does the trick.


Actually I can't function if I don't have a big glass of orange juice and some toast before I leave the house.

And a smoke on the way to work.


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Music music music

It starts my day, I listen to it all day and it ends my day. It is the only thing that keeps me sane.

Other than that I do eat a muffin and read the paper online every morning.


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subway to work
microwaved oatmeal (wild berry medley..awesomeo!), coffee and apple juice at desk

Temper Tantrum

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If I don't have class I wake up at 7:30, go to the gym, get back to watch dawson's creek from 9-10. Shower, eat, breakfast, commence day.
If i have class or work i stumble out of bed swearing profanities, make it through a coffee and show up with little time to spare.
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kmac said:
Smoke and a coffee listening to The Current. I know it's disgusting, but so am I.

I will eventually eat a banana or yogurt around 11 am.
smoke & coffee watching cp24 to see how damn cold it's gonna be

i'll eat when i get to work around 7:50-8:00, which will usually be an english muffin or some toast.


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I drink a large glass of V8 in bed while watching Kevin Frankish and his delightful suspenders.

Then shower, brush teeth, makeup, get dressed. Eat a bagel on the way to work. Try not to touch anything on the TTC with my bare hands.


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A bath with Aveda products, enjoy my surroundings, watch Canada AM, Regis and Kelly while drinking a banana, berry, yogurt and protein smoothie.

Ditto Much

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wake up, masturbate, take shower, brush teeth while in shower, shave while in shower, get dressed, have smoke while walking to work, get coffee.

Recently I have added 'eat banana' and 'take centrum' while removing the 'get coffee' but for the rest this is pretty stable.


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i hate people who have enough time in the morning to relax and have a bath and still be home for regis.

not literal hate, jealousy hate
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music.. roll out of bed right into shower.. music.. banana, berries and toasted apple cinnamon pita with butter, big glass of oj, quick walk to park with doggy, bike to work


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Wake up at 6:30, out of bed by 6:45.

Out of the shower by 7, switch on BT long enough to check traffic/weather and ogle Liza/Nehlini for a sec.

Saved By The Bell while I get dressed and out of the house @ 7:30.

427 to Gardiner, Gardiner to Park Lawn, Park Lawn to Lakeshore, Lakeshore to Bathurst, north on Portland to Adelaide (I can do this route in my sleep and sometimes I do) and I'm at work by 8.

Drink a Boost in the car, coffee and/or snack at 10.


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I've always had problems with breakfast... No matter what I think of eating my stomach gives me this ... "No no, that will make me feel like shit" feeling.= ... Recently I've started eating small amounts of cereal and it seems to be ok, but I'd like to eat something more...

Can anyone suggest some light breakfasts that are not likely to upset the stomach... ?

terrawrist III

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look outside/read paper/coffeeX2/quick wank/shower/pet my cat

sometimes I jumble the order to relieve myself of routine

I also notice I'm never hungry in the morning...might be because I snack pretty hard through the night
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