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How do you pronounce Reince Priebus?


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Trump's new chief of staff has the weirdest name ever. How do you pronounce it?

1) Rinse Pre Bus?
2) Reeence Pry Bus?
3) Reyoncé Pre Bus?
4) Reyoncé Pre Booooos?
5) Reyoncé Pry Bus?
6) Some other pronunciation
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Whatever it is, he's now known to me as Reyoncé, and I'm expecting an album to drop in early 2017.
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I don't get ads with folk music.

I dont even know what the ads are, half the time I can't see them they're just somewhere on the page. When I was typing that post it was some cartoon bullshit, are other people getting ads with folk music?

Thing is audio doesn't play so I don't hear the ad, but whatever podcast or music I'm listening to stops as the audio from the ad takes over when browsing tribe, but won't actually hear anything (maybe ad takes over audio, but needs me to turn sound on by clicking on the ad somewhere?)

Anyway, it makes browsing tribe while listening to anything on a smartphone super annoying, have to keep re-hitting play to keep my choonz going
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