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How do you motivate yourself?


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For me, staying motivated is not the problem, because once I am doing something, it is easy for me to continue doing it.

Getting motivated initially is what stymies me.

How do you motivate yourself to start a project? I need tips.


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I don't think there are any real answers to this question.

I find projects find me, however starting the million dollar project, also stymies me.

You just need to do it, or you'll end up like collateral!



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It twirls around inside me at blinding speed until given a direction, either by my own decision or by other influences. Of course there's usually some moderate procrastination involved. And then I do it.

Motivation isn't the problem for me. 'cept when it comes to Physical Training. I'm just not that interested and find myself unable to be anxious about it...in the same way that I get most everything else done.

Hawk Eye

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I usually think how i would feel after i've done something. I force myself.. use every inch of willpower in me to get up and just do it. People always ask me how do i motivate myself bc i get up twice a week at 4:40am to do a crazy hard paddle session and then I go to work. There isn't a set thing.. some ppl are disciplined. I just put myself in the future a lot of the time.. and think how i feel after it's done :)


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How do I motivate myself?

I have a 4 yr old daughter. That's my motivation.

Whenever I feel like like checking out and doing nothing, I have someone clunk me on the head and ask to play.

So, regardless of the reason, you need to find what's important to you and what really matters and use that as your inspiration.
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