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How do you know you're PMSing?


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This may be a strange question, but really - how do you?
I mean, I have weird cravings from time to time, without any relation to the period, I have bad days from time to time, etc etc...

How can you really describe PMS - how do you really know (other than you know you're close because you know the date of when you got your period) that's what it is?
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I used to eat tons of chocolate and sweets all the time as a kid and kind-of candied myself out. Now as an adult I hardly ever eat packaged candy.

But the day before my period I will get a chocolate/candy craving.

80% of the time it's for a Mr. Big or Oh Henry bar.

It's like clockwork.

I'm sure if I tracked my moods, I'd definitely be slightly more moody/emotional around the time. But it's never been so bad that I've felt I needed to keep tabs on it.


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It generally varies from month to month a little, but I tend to get pretty intense food cravings and mood swings 2-3 days before the deluge.

I crave shit like chocolate, salt, salty chocolate and ketchup.


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my period wasn't regular for a LOOOONG time but i could always tell when it was coming because of:

- extreme exhaustion no matter how much sleep i get
- problems with short term memory
- extreme facial oilyness / breakouts
- completely irrational outbursts (anger or sadness/depression)
- choco cravings (the rest of the month i pretty much have no interest in the stuff)
- bigger boobs that are very tender (the only good thing about it)


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1. i'm a bitch.
2. my moods are even faster to change than normal (which is saying something!)
3. i want to eat everything in sight, even tho i'm not stoned.
4. i want to eat everything, covered in chocolate.
5. it's around day 22-24 of my [short] 26 day cycle.
6. wickedly bad tumour-like zits start showing up.
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when i catch my reflection in the mirror, suddenly burst into tears and call myself shamoo. find that i get on the *ahem* frisky side...and yea...realllly bitchy.


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if I get the urge to cry over little details, if I am particularly sensitive to stress, then I know that I have PMS.


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my boobs and my right armpit will hurt! LOL. i'm serious, only the right side. also, i get super cranky. i'll hear myself saying stuff and i'll be surprised that i can be that bitchy.
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Aerius Zension

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Do you find if you're around babies or small kids, you get extremely emotional? Like there's a clock ticking but you're not wearing a watch.


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ila said:
It generally varies from month to month a little, but I tend to get pretty intense food cravings and mood swings 2-3 days before the deluge.

I crave shit like chocolate, salt, salty chocolate and ketchup.

2-3 days! I wish!

a full TEN DAYS I start getting chocolate cravings, and the way I usually know is because I just give in to them, instead of avoiding them like I can the rest of the month.

I also get really horny 2-4 days beforehand.
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Do any of you get "PMS Symptoms" throughout your whole period? Some months I don't, but others.. like right now, is awful... I feel so lethargic, I have a headache, and I'm real bitchy....

Not good.:(


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I get bitchy and short-tempered with little patience, then I get all sensitive (like thinking the ugliest people are cute, and "aweing" at couples holding hands, and just getting that warm fuzzy feeling from everyday things), then I'll get an intense craving for something specific the day before my period starts (this month is was chocolate... it was so bad I stole a dark chocolate and almond bar from a coworkers desk because I couldn't wait to go downstairs and wolfed it down in 5 minutes :| )

That stuff.... among slightly worse skin and being bloated.


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I get sore boobs (mainly the left one) and break out a bit a few days before, and get this unique kind of nausea the day before. I'm cranky, emotional, and clumsy all month long, so I can't blame that on the oncoming crimson tide.


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Okay, so here's how I know I'm hormonal today:

I spilled hot water on my hand and then cried about it for 30 minutes in the washroom. Obviously it did not hurt that much. I am just emotionally retarded right now.
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I can't tell either.

I feel like I'll be bitchy when I want to be bitchy.

Get sweet cravings when I want to have them (which is rare).

Get boob tenderness here and there.

I USED to get a lot of lower back pain before my periods.. but not anymore.

I will have a couple small cramping the day before I actually get my period.


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I think I retain a bit of water, sore boobs, sometimes headachey.
Emotionally a bit too sensitive, like crying at cheese movies.
At least on the pill I know exactly the day and time so I can plan for it, like having advil on hand, stocking up on junk food to assuage my moodiness and warning people.


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i feel like a bloated cow and everything makes mecry. i have no patience for anyone and i am way sensitive.
i think men should have to put up with my random behaviour without complaining though b/c they don't have to bleed every month and if a guy ever complains to me i lose it!!!
wow i am a real treat. lol

the gatekeeper

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angelsole said:
i have no patience for anyone

Welcome to my thursday! :D I've wanted to stab all my co-workers with a rusty pair of scissors. And I almost lost in in line for lunch when the people ahead of me kept adding stuff to their order one painstaking item at a time. :mad: :mad: :mad: For further evidence refer to my post in the bitching thread about the dentist lady.

I always know when to expect it though because I get my period like clockwork.
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