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How do you download the MP3 from a youtube video?


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There used to be this handy addon in firefox that would let you download just the audio of a youtube video. It seems to be gone and other addons dont seem to work. What do you use to rip just the audio? What browser?
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There is a a product called youtube downloader that would let you rip video or audio from youtube but it is filled with hard to remove adware.


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Just paste the url from youtube, soundcloud etc...

You will complain that it only produces 128 bit rate MP3s. However, I believe this is because this is the bit rate that youtube, soundcloud etc... are delivering the audio to the listener regardless of what bit rate it was uploaded at.
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When you say "don't work" do you mean on an ipod?

you might find although you get it as far as itunes but it won't appear on an ipod when synced, you might try altering its name and removing any hyphens or apostrophe's from its title and then trying