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how do i get to waterloo?


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I know this seems like a stupid question and perhaps my internet is broken: wheni look for round trip from toronto to waterloo for wednesday it gives me a bunch of departure times during the day, but all teh same arrival time: 6:35 pm. and wheni click onthe bus number link it shows the goddamn bus going from toronto to guelph to cambridghe, blah blah blah, arriving at waterloo at 6:35 pm.

i need to go to my aunt's funeral at 11 am on wednesday and then come back that evening so i can work thursday.

the go site shows it going to guirlph but not to waterloo, unless i'm missing it. i know a bunch of people on here are from K/W: there must be some way for me to leav toronto at 8 am or so on wednesday and come back the same day isn't there?
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you're taking a bus/train?
how about calling them.....

i believe there will be a morning express bus (probably leaving between 7 and 8), and an evening bus. for the train there is only one out, one in.


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joey said:

those are maps, i need transit.

yeah, i know i should actually just call greyhound... i can usually do everything online, which i prefer, i have such an antipathy towards the phone. but thisis recockulous, this is what the website lists, which makes no sense:

Departs Arrives Duration

08:30am 06:35pm 10h, 5m 1 GLC 5523

10:00am 06:35pm 8h, 35m 1 GLC 5813

10:30am 06:35pm 8h, 5m 1 GLC 5431

12:30pm 06:35pm 6h, 5m 1 GLC 5839

02:00pm 06:35pm 4h, 35m 1 GLC 5837

02:00pm 06:35pm 4h, 35m 1 GLC 5847

03:30pm 06:35pm 3h, 5m 1 GLC 5519

03:30pm 06:35pm 3h, 5m 1 GLC 5861

03:30pm 06:35pm 3h, 5m 1 GLC 5863

04:15pm 06:35pm 2h, 20m 1 GLC 5255

04:15pm 06:35pm 2h, 20m 1 GLC 5529
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It seems they all have a really long layover in Kitchener... If you click the 'Schedule' link it gives the details.

Why don't you just take the bus to Kitchener (there's tons) then have someone pick you up there?

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^^^ good advice.

Kitchener and Waterloo are basically the same city, if the bus gets you to Kitchener more quickly, just take that and get picked up or take a cab to where you're going from there.


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The Greyhound website kind of cracks me up... it makes it look like it takes ages to get to Waterloo, but it's really just all the buses stopping in Kitchener, then having to wait around until the one bus to Waterloo at 6:25, which takes all of 10 minutes :D

Seriously, take it to Kitchener and you'll be fine.


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yeah because guelph is so small and waterloo the same, they like to make stops in guelph, kw, and then waterloo, depending on the bus trip,, usually there is a cambridge transfer

anyways gl!

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I know I know

I bus it from K-W to Toronto a fair amount... Take Greyhound to Kitchener's downtown terminal... The express bus avoids Cambridge.. The trip itself is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes... cab or city bus from there is simple and central

Hope that helps
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