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How do I delete files from Audiogalaxy?


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I've tried from Their site, as well as trying to go in to "my computer" but they stay, and I have some that are not what I want etc.....anyone?
Are they just files you've downloaded?

If so, just make sure your Satellite is shut down and then go into your computer and just delete the files.

If they are not files you've downloaded using Audiogalaxy we're gonna need some more info.....

Yes they are all from AG.

Everytime, I tryed to delete them they go away from my my computer part, but are still listed at AG....never tried turning off the satalite, i'll try it.
Are you speaking for the .tmp files, there's would be incomplete files that are still cued for DL, the quickest and painless way to get rid of them is to remove the .temp extension and delete(AG always looks for the .temp to resume the DL). i've done this and they've never shown back up... another way would be to remove them from your queue list in AG, although I don't think that removes them from your HD.