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how could you do this to me over pm?!


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Originally posted by mutslaster
Dear Vinder,

Writing this letter seems like a better idea than speaking to you in person because I'm a huge wimp that way. By now, you might have noticed that I have left, and I'm not coming back. Don't feel responsible. I prefer to blame my mother. Besides, my busy career prevents me from committing to a serious relationship and you deserve better.

You deserve someone who appreciates all of your special qualities, especially the offensive way you talked about physics at intimate moments. Even though we're no longer together, we'll always have our memories. I'll never forget the time you played footsie with my mother at Thanksgiving.

They say that time heals all wounds, and I hope that soon, you will be able to say my name without sobbing. When this time comes, I hope we will be as far away as humanly possible.

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I sympathize... I got the "it's not you, it's me" last night. I didn't even see it coming. It was like a slap in the face and I was left speechless.


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Originally posted by Evil Dynovac
Was Sara a big girl? Round about the hips? Roomy?


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It looks like there was a lack of communication in this relationship if she or he couldn't tell you this in person, and the "it's me not you thing" is over used I hate when I here people break up that way. It's sort of telling a half ass story.

Booty Bits

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Originally posted by beaker
i was laughing until...


stupid kaminsky....

hey man, its not my fault that you have issues accepting your baby sister as a sexually aware adult woman.
maybe you both have issues with your mother!


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aww its too badd.

i thought you guys made an awesome couple. but ya know..maybe its just for the best? oh i suck at these type of things!!

well i hope i can stay friends with both of you :)

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