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How can anyone NOT have a hobby/hobbies?


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I can't understand how anyone can just work all week, and spend their nights and weekends watching TV and going to clubs and bars.

How are these people not totally bored?
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Eccentric (LRG)

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no time to be bored when you work constintly and in off time go out to bars...!?

my hobbies aside from tribe and bars...

Sleep. and the gym.

Booty Bits

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i dont have a hobby.
its something that i admit seems really strange.
i WISH i had hobbies, cuz then when i try to figure out what i want to do with my life, i can do that cliched thing where i extrapolate a job from my hobby, but no dice.
i spend my free time hanging out with friends and eating and drinking and laughing and watching movies and listening to music and hanging with my boyfriend.
the time actually manages to pass rather quickly even without any model airplanes or macrame.


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What are your hobbies diablo? What's more, I'm curious as to the difference between a hobby and a pastime? I'm thinking a hobby is about passion and a pastime is about leisure; niether of which sound boring to me.

As for me I read, and occasinaly write. I love to play chess but always struggle to find a good match cause for whatever reason people seam to think chess is dull :( I enjoy plotting and conspiring, and the general hatching of wild improbable plans with friends. Movies are great so long as the filmatography is just as inspiring as the tale itself. My ps2 is a sexy bitch in the right light. I like to go outside too! Not so much in the winter but I am trying to learn to snowboard and intend for it to become a full time hobby/pastime one day. For now though it still takes me 3 days lick my wounds after an afternoon on the hill, um the bunny hill. Multi-day backpacking is better then sex, climbing and caving are well good too. Plans are mounting to learn to kayake this year and buy myself a decent mountain bike so I'm looking foreward to that. . that and life.

tis all, for now I'm spent.
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I think downloading MP3's has been my hobby for some time.

I find traditional hobbies boring as hell.

So yeah, work, computer, clubs, cars...thats my life right there!
I guess working on cars could be considered a hobby??

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