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How are you spending Christmas 2020?


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Happy holidays everyone. How are you spending your holidays?

I am here at home, designing jewelry and products for next year. Designing wedding bands and engagement rings too, with a cannabis spin, which is something I never thought I'd do. But I figure if this pandemic ever ends there will be a shitload of weddings. Also working on a big silver belt buckle. Not leaving home unless for groceries. Since I live by myself I find I'm listening to less music and more podcasts. Needing to hear human voices I guess. Not lonely. Hanging in. Healthy so far.
I lit up my little ceramic tree and have Christmas lights out front and even in the deep darkness of the backyard. Two plants in the grow tent are in flower and the house smells great! Maybe I will bake a nice dessert for Christmas Day - one of my old Mother's recipes perhaps.
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room
Spending it with my dog.

Got a bunch of movies I've been waiting to see lined up, got a shit ton of Balmoral to smoke, video games and a lot of music that I want to catch up on.

One of my computers went belly up, so I have to rebuild my playlists for my phone from scratch.