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How About a PET Picture Thread!!


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Jub-Jub has been reunited with his owner.

dude broke down when he saw his dog with my on my porch.
happy times.


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Very cute! My friend has a red nose pitty (looks similar to this one, which looks to be a different breed) and she's pretty awesome. Tough as nails and has been all over Canada & the US.
previous dog was a red nose. she came everywhere with me

here she is about to descend 'moose pass' in kilarney

IMG_1274 by neurotek, on Flickr
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This sweetheart is 18 years old and this pic was taken after a recent UTI brought us seriously close to thinking this was "it" - but she has roared back!

Been on saline-drips 1x a week since the vet noticed her kidneys were operating with reduced effectiveness, the UTI just brought her real low - loss of appetite, hiding under the bed.

Made me realize how deeply she got her little paws into me last few years - took a long time to warm up this one! Was the runt of the litter and abused before my lady took her in 14 years ago... now?

Shes singing all the time, super affectionate - and far more brave than her much younger sister!

Anyway, love this cat to bits and just thrilled to have more time with her. We are hoping for several more months and hopefully many more!