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How about a new Room?

Vote Quimby

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A War Room. Where everyone can post all their war/ anti war threads.

And the general forum will be for the more fun, inane stuff Tribe is good for.

Just a thought.


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sigh, it'll be the most depressing room ever

maybe more depressing than the hardcore room :p


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Originally posted by Boss Hog
You know it would be just me and you.

we could have like a political talk show where we're the hosts that disagree and pretend to not like each other and we could have special guests like Vote Quimby and Subsonic and Mofo over for coffee. we'll even have a guest like PosTMOd who will bring his crazy scientist act on air and make us all laugh at the absurdity of it all.

i'll even make you a nice tin foil hat, just for you.


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ALL of your wishes have been granted.

there's a "Politics Room" right above the General Forum RIGHT NOW!!


it wasn't there a second ago...