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How a lowly nerd became the most popular man in cyberspace.


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that was fairly funny
it made me actually lol....at work

my favourite part:
"I'm now more afraid and decide I am never doing anything even near illegal ever again. To get my mind off of everything, I begin downloading a copy of the latest Nip/Tuck episode."


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I'm still waiting for myspace or FOX to contact me. I'm sorry myspace and FOX. I love you guys, all the great things myspace provides, and all the great shows FOX has, my favorite being Nip/Tuck.

Oh wait, Nip/Tuck is FX? My bad, but FOX, I'm sure you still have some good stuff. But maybe you should start picking up Nip/Tuck reruns? Just a thought. I'm kidding! Please don't arrest me.


that really upset me.

so much so that i HAD to post a response
to it.... :mad: