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[house/tech/prog] NuEra - Raw Data. Dark and Dirty


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Dark and dirty

DJ Shankar

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Andrew man....sick fuckin set!

Especially loved the Ace Ventura track. Always been one of my favorite producers!

Keep up the good job.


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nice mix buddy... didn't get a chance to listen to it before decadence but i gave it a listen yesterday and again today and really enjoyed it!

i'm digging your style more and more with each new mix you put out... it's about time you start to deviate away from trance! ;)

lovin' the jon gurd track... he does wicked stuff!


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Absolutely Wicked!!!!

Andrew not only are the tunes great...but I can tell you were really having fun when you did this mix.

Absolutely worth the listen.

Keep this up and your gonna be too busy to even visit us tribers :D
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As always a fantastic mix. :) Sorry I didn't get around to commenting until now.
Keep on rocking it.