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House Sound Of Chicago


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he Mix is here

Not a zip file so don't try to expand it, just d/l it to your hard disk and rename it.

A bit rusty to start but gets going after a bit.

Fingers Inc - Never No More Lonely - Jack trax
William S - Ill Never Let You Go - Trax
Steve Poindexter - The Rhythm - Housetime
Gherkin jerks - Midi Beats - Gherkin
Pfantasy Club - Never Give Up - Dance Mania
Jackmaster Disks Revenge - Sensuous Woman Goes Disco - Trax
Gene Hunt - Living in a land - Housetime
Tyree - I'm Free - West Madison St
MD3 - Personal Problems - Underground
Virgo - Do You Know Who You Are - Trax
fred Brown - House Whop - Rockin' House
Adonis - No Way Back - Trax
Phuture - Slam - Trax
Overdose - Stomach Acid - Needle
Hex Complex - I Want Your Love - Sunset
Bam Bam - Where's Your Child - Westbrook
No Name - Jason's Revenge - House Nation
M + M - I Wanna House - Missing
Armando - Land Of Confusion - Westbrook
Marcuss Mixx - The Spell (Ron Hardy Mix) - Lets Pet Puppies
Mr Fingers - Beyond The Clouds - Trax
Joe R Lewis - Seperate Ways - Target
Rhythm Controll - My House - Catch a Beat
House Master Boyz - House Nation - Dance Mania
Pierre's Fantasy Club - Fantasy Girl - SRO
Jaquarius - Love is Happiness - Rockin' House
Joe Smooth - Promised land - DJ International
Master C and J - In The city - State Street

All done in one hit, 2 technics, recorded from www.piraterevival.co.uk 09/03/06.


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