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[House] Richard Raiban - LivingRoomDanceFloor

Richard Raiban

TRIBE Member

Right click image - save as

001. Terry Lee Brown Jr. - Chatterbox [Plastic City]
002. Anil Chawla & Dale Anderson - Makes Me Feel [Saved Records]
003. Tiefschwarz - Damage feat. Tracey Thorn (The Buick Project Mix) [Fine Records]
004. Satoshi Fumi - Treasure [Urbantorque Records]
005. Dave Spoon - This Machine feat. Penny Foster (Timewriter Mix) [Toolroom Records]
006. Jon Silva - Love in Me [Conya Records]
007. Phunk Diggaz - Silverlights [Tronic Soundz]
008. Sebastien Leger - Cosmonite [Tronic Soundz]
009. Microstar - Electronic Discussion (Raw Edit) [Playloop Records]
010. The Craftsmen - One Day (Spiritchaser Terrace Mix) [Guess Records]

Enjoy :)

Vinyl Junkie

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Beautiful music Richard. As always your track selection is top notch. Even after an extended musical sabbatical you never seize to impress me with your impeccible taste. This mix will spend countless hours in my livingroom hifi where it can be appreciated. Thanks for the music and let's get your ass to Brazil so they can also enjoy what some of us here in Toronto already know... music can soothe the soul.


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This is my favourite mix of yours hands down. I love how you've matured into this housier side! Well programmed and WICKED track selection. Into regular rotation this one goes....
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A solid mix indeed! Definite springtime vibe, lots of nice vocal snips, silky smooth stuff.

Peace out! :)

Drink til ya puke :D


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Well, after several attempts..and not being able to download your set. I finally got a hold of it, and WOW! Really sweet RichieRich. I'm not an avid House lover, but I do enjoy a really good house set...and this one was just that. Perfect for the Spring/Summer (HOT) weather that we're experiencing right now. I've been listening to it non-stop :O
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Tony Bandana

TRIBE Promoter
well RR double since you were kind enough to hit me up on a mix (ahem even though i put your fuckin name in the credits on 4:00am LOL).

I guess I'll give your Trance mix a listen, I really hope its Tiestoish?????



Tony Bandana

TRIBE Promoter
in all honesty , this mix is excellent.

extremly well programmed and the mixing is flawless.

one of the best mixes ive heard in along time.

no really, im serious lol

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Tony Bandana

TRIBE Promoter
yo RR Double.

your mix got me some jiggy action thiss weekend!!

well at least she was luvin it apparently more then me...




TRIBE Member
havent heard anything from you in a while rich.
i enjoyed this.
perfect for this time of year with the blend of techey and organic sounds. techey + organic = the shit.
nice and summery, but edgey. not filled with fluff and cheese like a lot of the typical summery house music.


TRIBE Member
Nice mix...You might enjoy a track I just heard unless you already have it:

Francois Dubois "I Try" (Part Two) Jamie Anderson Mix (Urbantorque)
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