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House: Rich Hope - One Night in Control


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Haven’t posted a set up here in a while, but this mix seemed to come together really well so why the hell not. There’s really not one dud in the set so listen right through. Music wise, it runs the gamut from softer floaty beats into rolling basslines into jacking chi-town shizz into french spacey disco-tech into and ending with some dubby electro beats.

Hope you guys enjoy:)

right click/save as..


1 Intro
2 DJ Hal – Don’t Give it Up (Broken Home Mix) Blockhead
3 Littlemen – Money Man (Nightshift)
4 Members Only – The Feeling (White Label)
5 B Original – Deep Rootz (Blockhead)
6 Eloi Brunelle - Town Hall (Guest House)
7 Jaywood – One Night in Control (White Label)
8 Inland Knights – Come With Me (Drop Music)
9 DJ Punc Rok – My Beatbox (Les Rhythmes Digitales Mix) Air Dog
10 The Girth – Extra Seasoning (Dub Mix) Blue Label
11 Joey Youngman – Submission (Fetish)
12 Bob Sinclar - The Ghetto (Paradisiaque Mix) East West
13 Bryan Jones – Baby Fever (Jakin Tracks)
14 Smokin Beats - Fastasy (Smokin Beats)
* The Beat Goes On (Accapella)
15 Buffalo Bunch – Take it to the Streets (Crydamoure)
16 Play Paul - Spaced Out (Crydamoure)
17 John Dahlback - Bringing The Groove (Eloge House Music)
18 Phil Stumph – Even Steven (Frozen North)
19 FPU – Time Safari (Turbo Recordings)
20 Erlend Oye - Sheltered Life (Erlend Oyes Karl Marx Allee Remix) Studio !K7

werd em up
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Sweet Mix Rich...
I cant get enough of some of the tracks on here!
It really comes together nicely, and again the track selection is right up there.
Another solid mix!
You Rock! ;)
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not bad not bad.. liking the french stuff and of course erlend oye to finish things off. word to your mom, rich.
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That Eloi Brunelle remix of Town Hall and The Phil Stumpf are my favorite tracks right now. This mix is sweet!
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Dope mix! the track at the 14 minute mark is fucking sick! nice work dude.
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Buddy Holly

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Yeah, I really liked this mix Rich. Great stuff. A nicely weaved mix with lots of different sounds to keep me occupied!
Thanks for sharing!
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I think this you most FUN mix to date... you let it all hang out and it works very well!!

nice one Rich


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apparently we've got bandwidth issues, but all is not lost. I've PM'd stickball and skipper with the new link, just PM me and i'll do the same for you

thanks for the kind words everybody
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