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House records 4 sale


TRIBE Member
Hey all, I have the following lot of house tunes for sale. Will ship at buyers cost.

$80 for the lot.

PM or email at



*The Floor Fillerz - More Saturated Tracks EP (Vitamin D/Sean Biddle) [Catalyst]
*Peter Presta - Disko-Rama [Waako Records]
*Defenders of The Faith - Kola Kola [Grayhound]
*Ben Pound & DJ Vitamin D - The Games of Life EP [Daisey Age]
*Ratcliffed & Buxton - Junction EP [Atlantic Jaxx]
*Lazy Bones - Dee/The Key/Loudstar/Besides [St Medard]
*Kenny Dope Pres. Total Kaos - It's a Ill Groove (The Remix) [Strictly Rhythm]
*Dj Duke Pres. Freedom - Closer/Love Don't Come Easy (Unrealeased Mix) [PowerMusic]
*Todd Terry - Coconut E.P [Unknown]
*L'F'O - Brainstorm [White]
*TI.PI.CAL feat Josh - Round & Round (Extended/ClubEdit/Exlusive/Noise Generator Dub) [L.U.P]

*Various Artists - DJ's On Vinyl Vol.7 [New Generation] **DoublePack**
-Ricky Nelson: Give Me Love
-Dana Byrd: Higher (CarloSanto's Dub/Luxury Mix)
-Luxury Prod: Pillow Talk
-UPI: Stay With Me/Anybody
-Lisa Lee: Toss My Salad
-Mike La Birt: Dancin
-Mike Davis: Groove Me
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