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House of Wax @ Andy Poolhall

Dirty Girl

TRIBE Member
Thanks for another great night Aaron, always enjoy my times at Andy Poolhall.
Good times, good crowd, good tunes.
nice to see some old faces that I havent seen years and years too.
When's the next one? looking forward to it.
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


TRIBE Member
Aaron is a class act. I've always enjoyed the times I've been at his events. We almost hit this up, but we got totally sidetracked.

Aaron Bradley

TRIBE Promoter
Thanks Michelle for the nice comments! Yeah, that was a blast from the past night or what?!?!?! Next one is in January on either the 17th or 18th... and we have a very special guest and ANOTHER blast from the past!

Here are a few pics from the night!

DJ Alfalfa & D-Monic:

Andy Poolhall dance-packed:

Aaron Bradley: