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House of Insolent Silence - A GQHQ Mixtape


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A new set recorded to an old Sony tape deck for that vintage mixtape vibe.

A GQHQ house music journey featuring tracks i've been diggin' and recently playing at gigs. Including music by Tyree Cooper & Vin Sol, Kenlou, Steve Poindexter, Gene Farris ft. Dajae, Slack & Bone, Tevo Howard, Neville Watson, Levon Vincent, Chesus, Deepchild, Tim Xavier, Patrik Sjeren, Douglas Carter & Dick Diamonds, Xavier Gonzalez, and Gingy ft. Starving Yet Full.

Available for you to stream or download for free via the Soundcloud player.

Turn it up and enjoy the music.

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Stop Bill C-10


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Fanastic. Well done!

Thanks, JamesM, and shout out to the all the listeners who gave this one a play through!

The thread bump is unexpected but certainly appreciated as I have been thinking about recording a volume #2...

Thoughts finalized. Taking action.