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House Music Dancer Dies

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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I like that this fella lived life on his own terms... gives hope to anyone that thinks life has to take a certain course depending on age and other things. A truly unique individual.


Smiley Jo

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Originally posted by PinkAngeL
I hope he is still dancing.

Me too.

I remember him smiling whenever he saw someone bustin' out like crazy... and it made me smile too.

My prayers go out to close friends and family.



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The rave scene saw many stages of a mans life as he grew, to become a fine ravist and an icon in the rave community. From his early days back when he was a little more candy, and not to mention a little more wee, he progressed to self proclaimed mister, working the line that he took from his favourite treat, when your this rave they call you mister. Rumours bounded that he had received his Phd. in his chosen path. Witness's say that times were tough for the old boy, getting bumped from the main changeroom, so the so called "professional dancers" could invade his space. Some times it didnt seem fair, but he raved on. Bullyed by the other dancers, he took to the cloak to at least simulate not being seen. It was a comfort cloak as opposed to the more confident cape that some of the other ravers were wearing. He didnt care, it only made him dance harder. He was the master of the 720 degree fakee, a vibrant spinning move, some say his "go to" probably added up to about 480 degrees, but he didnt care, to him it wasnt about degrees, to him it was about being part of the scene, being there for all the build ups, and and all the releases, intermingling with the community, a time time get a way from the fast paced world down at the hospy. We will miss you Mr. Rave, Our next evening out on the floor is dedicated to you, and all the great times you have given us.

Peace and Love,

orange richie

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Wow. Saw this in the house forum and I was pretty sure it was him but 100% until I saw the pic. I remember seeing Joe at Industry, everytime I went he was there. He would bring along his costumes and change in the bathroom. I'm pretty sure everyone felt his presence, it was hard not to. He was a true free spirit.

R.I.P. Joe....
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Reading that he was almost 60, truly inspires me to hopefully be busting it out like he did at that age.

I love the music and I love the dancing, and this man symbolized this perfectly.

R.I.P. Joe, Hope God's spinning a wicked set for you this Friday evening! Because we all know God is a DJ ;)

pr0nstar :)

Bloom! Productions

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there is going to be a tribute event for joe on saturday march 6, 2004 at 122 woolwich street in guelph. dj's for the night will include myself, edwin "the cat", janos k (tbc) & the shi king. there are so many other dj's i would have liked to book for this event but there is only so much time. the ones i did pick have been around the guelph scene for a long time and all favourites of joe. the night is dedicated to the spirit of house music and guest list can be attained by emailing me at dinobusato@hotmail.com

please, everyone else that would like to be involved - have a tribute event of your own (whether on this date or another) - and post a picture of joe, dedicating the night to him and what he stood for.

a truly amazing man and a pilar of the scene has passed and respect is due.

we will be sending his family a card signed by everyone at the event, some pictures and a letter with our condolences.

peace, house music, truly.

bloom! prosper! grow! change! yes!


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joe is so a part of my memories of Industry and System over the years! i'm glad i shared the dancefloor with him.

my condolences go out to his friends and family.