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House - Isaac S - Spring 2006 Promo

Isaac S

TRIBE Member
A new mix for Spring. This mix can be grabbed from here (Tribe) at anytime and heard on Friday April 28th at noon (EST) on Proton Radio w/ Adam Nathan.

Spring 2006 Mix


1. Red Eyed Sneakers – Freak It (Deepgroove remix) – FBSS Black Series / WiFi CDR
2. Gabi Newman – Eva – Vendetta
3. Robert G. Roy – So Much Better (Valentino Kanzyani instrumental remix) – Earresistable Musick
4. Nick K – Citadella – Shinichi
5. Space Safari – Time To Change – Open Up
6. Phatjack – Since I Found You (Mashtronic remix) – Nascent
7. Eric Entrena & RPO – Closer (J-Groove & Isaac S remix) - FBSS Black Series / WiFi CDR
8. Astro – Awake or Dreaming (Martijn Ten Velden dub) – Phonetic
9. Chris Lake – Release (Luke Dzierzek remix) – Rising Music
10. J-Groove & Isaac S – Go Radio – Groove Digital CDR
11. Can Costa – Neo Zoolander (Shafunkers remix) – VapouRise
12. Emjae – Capricorn – Release Records
13. Funkagenda & Jamodu – Underground (Deepgroove dub) – Red Recordings



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hey dj isaac

you know what happen to mattlok usto play at purple room in k.town u know wer he spinning this days and if he still have website ? great mix u to wer great dj's there i like both of your style take care peace..