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[House, etc] Sean Crawford - Are tuxedos redundant for penguins?


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Sean Crawford - Are tuxedos redundant for penguins?


01) Lord Street Heroes – Initiate
02) Manuel Tur vs Mario Fabriani – In the Ghetto
03) Joshua – Make Me Feel
04) Blu Mar Ten – Everywhere Why (Svengali Edit)
05) Kei Kohara – Midnight Express (Mike Monday Remix)
06) Shur-I-Kan vs Milton Jackson – Special Powers
07) Silicon Funk – This is Your House (Timewriter Downtown Remake)
08) Paolo Driver & Masta Prod – Saturn
09) Andy Slate – Adventures in New York
10) Galletly – They Been Playin Me (Cheeky Mix)
11) The Timewriter – Yellow & Blue (Frame 15 Mix)
12) Julien Jabre – Swimming Places (Jerome Sydenham Remix)
13) Paul Harris & Kevin Swain – Change Down (ATFC Vocal) [Sean’s V-UB Edit)

Right click, and save as:
Sean Crawford - Are tuxedos redundant for penguins (April 26 - 2006)
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Just finished listening. Nice work Sean! Sexy and smooth with lots of flow.

The whole thing reminds me of Industry for some reason. A set like this would have gone down big there.


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fuck man, you're one of the few who love this kind of stuff, and for that i love you. all these tunes are dope, i'm sure you mix em up pretty good.

that Galletly track in particular is smokin, and everything by Milton Jackson shit hot lately... can't wait to hear this!
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Okay, thanks for the comments (except for deep :p). Looks like Canaca is totally fucking me over as usual for my webspace. So while you can still download it, I'll buy new space tonight for hosting.


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The DNS switch over is now complete and instead of between 6 and 60 kbps, its now 600. Much better. :) The download link is still the same.
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solid mix dude... gave it a listen in the gym today... can't say i was bored at any point throughout the entire mix... great tunes all around... keep the dope mixes coming!


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Great mix Sean, really enjoyed it. I finally had a chance to listen to it on my ipod yesterday while soaking up some sunshine in the park.

Thanks! :)


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Spinsah said:
C'est DOPE!

What label, Sean?

This is a wicked mix, it's got a nice blend of soul and dirt.

Silly Spider label, you can grab it off of beatport.

Glad everyone's liking the mix :)
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This mix kept me sane during a 1 hour period traffic jam underneath City Hall's parking lot today. I only snapped at the booth when they tried to charge me, so that says a lot for the mix. Good work Sean!


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Sean Crawford is definatly one of my favorites, i have been dieing for him to put out a new mix since "I invented Pants" i cant wait to hear it im downloading it right now.....Its my birthday in two days, i think this is just what i asked for!!

I always brag him up here in Halifax too, hes the shit!
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Finally had a listen...Sean's a sneaky mixer sometimes and his sets are always programmed well...always a treat...Good job Sean!
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