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House - DJ Sta - Deutschland! Deutschland!


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Dj Sta - Deutschland! Deutschland!

I met these German girls right after I bought the first record on this mix. One of them saw the record and said in her thick accent: "In Germany, every time we go to the bars, they play the Alter Ego, the Rocker. It's very old song. That record is very old." Well, it's not that song it's a different one, so fuck you German girl! I made this mix a few months ago, it's mostly electro house, the first 30 minutes or so is especially hot.

1. Alter Ego - Beat the Bush (tiefschwarz mix)
2. !!! - Hello? Is this thing on? (Thomas N' Eric mix)
3. East End - Up the Glitter (remix)
4. Sir Drew - IPU
5. Goldfrapp - Number one (Alan Braxe and Fred Falke remix)
6. Freeform Five - No More conversations (Richard X mix)
7. Acquaviva & Luetzenkirche - Zombie (Aquachop dub)
8. Mylene Farmer - Je T'aime Melancholie (Felix da housecat mix)
9. Fuzzy Hair vs Steve Angello - In Beat (Steve Angello's 1st mix)
10. Avalon - Holiday