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House - Dj M - House mixdown 2006

21 grams

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Recently created house mix. Includes some of mostly played songs in night clubs by me.

Dj M - House Mixdown 2006 (right click / save as) (132 mgs, 320 kbps)

1 - The Killers - Mr.Brightside (Thin White Duke Remix / Dj M remix).mp3
2 - Dylan Rhymes - Salty (Meat Katie Remix).mp3
3 - A Studio ft. Polina - SOS (Skylark Club Mix).mp3
4 - Africanism - Summer Moon (Club Edit) (David Guetta Tim Deluxe Bob Sinclar Joachim Garraud).mp3
5 - Freeform Five - No More Conversations.mp3
6 - Steve Lawler - That Sound (Angello).mp3
7 - HI-TACK - Say-Say-Say (Tocadiscos Not Guilty remix).mp3
8 - David Guetta - The World Is Mine (Antoine Clamaran Remix).mp3
9 - Madonna - Hang Up (Stewart Price Extended Remix Dub).mp3
10 - Deep Dish - Say Hello.mp3

21 grams

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tell me if you like it please. I just spent a huge amount of time making it sound professional. Would love to know if it was worse it. Thank you


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ya dude

Ya i listened to it and its not too bad. Definately bar music but if your in the mood for that then its cool.

Looking forward to your next one!

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LOVING it... I have burnt it like 5 times already and given it to all my friends that are girls, they LOVE this stuff...good work!
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Nice Mix !

Great song selection ... not overly filled with the avant-garde blips and bleeps you get from the mixes in this forum sometimes.

Just listened to it for the first time last night and havin another go at it today!

Make us another mix . . . NOW!!!

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i will make a new mix for top house songs in clubs today. Actually 2 of them. One will be just like this one - calm and dancy house, and more like Tribal house / tech house. Just waiting for more songs to enter my top10 list so that i can put them into another mix.


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:D technics1200 :D technics1200 :D technics1200 :D

nice Mix - Really Enjoyed this morning - Nice little kick off to my Friday morning .
Keep em mixed up

Thanks .