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House - DJ/Anthony - For Your Feets's


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I'm new here. Here's a little mix from April 28, 2006. It's 53:31 long at 192 kpbs and it takes up 73 MB. Check it out. Right click and enjoy.

http://homepage.mac.com/emitrapture/.cv/emitrapture/Sites/.Public/123Da Mixx.mp3-zip.zip

The Narcoleptic Satayday Classic
Lawnchair Generals Word Part II Viva
Johnny Fiasco Salsanova (Jacob London Edit) Agave
BOriginal Deep Rootz (Mario Fabriani) Blockhead
Inland Knights Handwriting Drop Music
Bionic Bump Band BBBoot .dotbleep
Del Costa & Pedro Goya Metropolis (No Ears Mix) Music For Freaks
Freaks Where Where You When The Music For Freaks
Lights Went Out? (Tiefschwartz
Licht Aus Dub)
Sound Navigators Jump To The Funk (Jason Hodges Utensil
Funk Jump Mix)
Jason Hodges My Style Aroma
Troydon Ready Steady Lowdown
Michaelbop Yes We Is Guess Who?
Da Sunlounge Love Thing Myna
Vibezelect Tuff Breaks Dufflebag
Cannabis Seed Wedding Bands

that 420 guy

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just gave this set a listen, and it had my head bumpin...nice, bouncy, and chunky.

thanks for the head noddin beatz schlectron