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House Addict Radio X-Mas Edition

Richard Raiban

TRIBE Member
well everyone, i hope all of you had a great x-mas. this weeks show is a little more x-mas sounding (if that even makes any sense *LOL*). this weeks show has a lot of oldies but goodies which should get even santa clause on the dance floor :)

enjoy and merry christmas from all of us @ house addict!

Tracklisting for Richard Raiban:

1) Bent - Always
2) Science Dept. - Repercussion
3) Sander Kleinenberg - Sacred
4) Thomas Penton - Cliffhanger (James Niche Mix)
(Cevin Fisher - Music Saved My Life Accapella)
5) Indaba - Dark Light (Blacksun Mix)
6) Unknown
7) Cevin Fisher - Music Saved My Life (Pete Heller Mix)
8 ) Classified Project - Eyecatcher

Size: 47 MB
Length: 51:33
Bitrate: 128 kbps

click here to listen http://radio.houseaddict.com

January 9th 2004: Richard Raiban @ System Soundbar MAINROOM
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